Thermal Truck Partition

The Thermal Truck Partition enables one transporter or truck to carry mixed multi-temperature loads of goods in refrigerated transport; for example mixed in one load can be frozen, chilled and general dry goods. Each set of goods is ‘partitioned’ depending on the need to maintain the correct temperature during transportation. This solution is widely used in the meat, fish, chicken and grocery supply chain. Thermal partition walls are lightweight and easy for a single individual to erect and move to assist off-loading or to lessen the area to be chilled, using the Gas Spring T-Bar system. Further a South African version has been developed called the Movable Thermal Truck Partition. This can be retro-fitted to any size truck body and moves the full length of it on rollers and is stored in the roof of the vehicle on a mechanism not unlike a lift-up garage door. The insulation is fitted into the lightweight aluminium frame and can contain a doorway or flap to allow for offloading access. Both variants create a marked saving in fuel and energy costs. Despite their lightweight construction the materials are extremely tough and hardwearing. Please use the contacts page to get more information on this remarkable new development.