Thermal Pallet Covers

High quality insulated Thermal Pallet Covers are made from reflective alu-coated pur-textile polyurethane and/or woven polypropylene. They are insulated by 120 to 400 g/m² of Polywool® wadding and can be manufactured to customer specifications. There can be 1 to 4 closures, sealed using industrial strength Velcro. A unique ID label and clear document pocket can also be included. These pallet covers are used extensively in road, sea and air freight logistics and are proven to markedly improve the quality of temperature sensitive and perishable goods during transportation over long and short haul journeys.

The air cargo variant of this product is manufactured to a range of sizes that will fit the cargo holds of any aircraft. Thermal pallet covers stabilize cargo temperature, prevent rain and ultra-violet damage, keep products clean and free from cross contamination and reduce the risk of pilferage by keeping the contents hidden from view. They can also be used to isolate perishables in refrigerated transport where cold temperatures are harmful to temperature sensitive products e.g. bananas and avocado pears. Using thermal pallet covers also assists in saving fuel and energy. Used as a stand alone solution in non-refrigerated transport they also work very effectively.