Thermal Asphalt Duvet Cover

The Thermal Asphalt Duvet cover is a radical step forward in thermal insulation and contributes to the quality and productivity of road construction. The duvet cover protects stock in storage bays and site stockpiles and keeps truckloads of asphalt and bitmac hot during transportation. The duvet can be laid directly onto a load and withstands temperatures up to 240ÂșC. It is resistant to bitumen damage and it complements rather than replaces tarpaulin or other coverings and helps protect it. It saves time and money by cutting down on stock loss due to poor temperature control. It is lightweight. 1 person can handle a duvet cover 4, 6 x 3, 0 metres as it weighs only 7, 3 kgs. Research proves that use of duvet covers promotes overall savings.

The duvet cover is made with reinforced edging and eyelets are positioned around the edges. They have been tested by the Danish Technological Institute, the Swedish National Institute and the UK Department of Roads and meet their stringent requirements. Without the duvet cover asphalt can lose up to 20 to 25% of its temperature per hour. With the duvet cover that figure drops dramatically to 8% even in cold European conditions. It is easy to clean, durable and simple to store. Amortised over 5 years it is extremely cost effective.