How To Order

You contact us by phone, fax or e-mail explaining your needs. We are passionate about maintaining the cold chain. We are in the business of thermal solutions for transport and logistics and we can match one or more or of our products to your requirements. We will need exact measurements so that our factory can make to your specifications.

Some off our products can be manufactured in South Africa but most emanate from factories based in Denmark so lead times a very important. Nothing is an “off the shelf solution” due to the specific nature of the problems needing to be solved. This is a bespoke solution not a “one size fits all”! Our principals are the only manufacturing company making this range of products using internationally patented and registered materials specific to them.

All our products are warranted against defective workmanship.

We pride ourselves on exceptional standards of service and remain pro-active towards every promise we make. When you contact us we will respond.
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