Q. Do these products work like a fridge?

A. No. Thermally insulated products only maintain temperature they cannot create temperature. However, used in conjunction with eutectic products or other cooling agents, they can maintain the temperature for longer periods.

Q. Are these products eco friendly?

A. Yes! All the materials used in the manufacture of these products can be incinerated and leave behind a very limited amount of unharmful bio-degradable residue.

Q. Can these products be made to specification?

A. Yes. Where necessary and where possible they can.

Q. Have these thermally insulated products been tested?

A. Yes by various bodies including the Danish Technological Institute.

Q. Do these products last?

A. Yes! If handled with respect these products should have a lifespan of at least 3 years. Many have lasted well beyond.

Q. Where are these products in use?

A. In the Cold Chain on road, rail, sea and air logistics all over Europe, in the Middle East and Asia Minor, in North and Southern Africa. They are perfect for use throughout Africa, South America, the Indian Ocean Islands and beyond, in fact anywhere where temperature maintenance is an issue.

Q. Do these products really insulate?

A. Yes! Thermal insulation stops conduction, convection and radiation. The international standard for measuring such insulation is termed the Lambda value. A good Lambda value is deemed to be anything lower than 0.065 W/m.K. Our products have a Lambda value of 0.048 W/m.K.

Q. What is the Lambda Value?

A. The Lambda value is the internationally acceptable standard that measures the effectiveness of insulation. Effective insulation is the control of radiation, convection and conduction together. The Lambda Value is designated in W/m.K. (watts per metre kelvin) and relates to Fourier’s Law of heat transfer.